[All Volumes Free] Shinzo (TV) (Sub)

[All Volumes Free] Shinzo (TV) (Sub)

Humanity is exterminated by a genetic race they created to fight a deadly virus. One of the scientist brings his young daughter in a cryogenic sleep, hoping that she will awaken one day and find surviving humans, so that she can bring peace between them and the genetic beings, the Enterrans. The girl, Yakumo received special powers at the impact of a meteorite, the impact after which the Enterrans went evil. When she awakens, 500 years later, she goes on her journey and meets three Enterrans who join her. Together with them she slowly finds from the secrets of the past, what happened to her home planet in reality.There is a third season made by a smaller Japanese organisation, not by Toei. This season was half aired in Japan, under a new name. It aired in its entirety in Germany and a few other countries. There are also unverified rumours of a fourth season.

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