Wolverine (Dub) (TV) Full Chapter

Wolverine (Dub) (TV) Full Chapter

While in New York, Logan, better known to others as Wolverine, fell in love with a Japanese woman named Mariko. When she suddenly disappears, Logan comes to Japan in search of her.Mariko`s father, Yashida Shingen, is the head of Kuzuryuu, a yakuza organization. It is in Shingen`s mansion that Logan finds Mariko, who had been brought back to Japan against her will. It is Shingen`s intention for Mariko to marry an influential person so as to seal a political alliance between that person and Kuzuryuu.During Logan`s attack on Shingen`s mansion, in a fight with his bodyguards, Logan is struck by a needle. The needle is coated with a poison which greatly reduces his regenerative abilities. In his weakened state, he is no match for Shingen and is defeated in a duel and left for dead.Logan is discovered on the verge of death by the mysterious Yukio. With Yukio`s ministrations, Logan eventually recovers and the two join together in a second bid to take down Shingen.

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