[Remade] Denshin Mamotte Shugogetten (OVA) (Sub)

[Remade] Denshin Mamotte Shugogetten (OVA) (Sub)

Shichiri Tasuke, an ordinary teenager who while living alone, finds himself in the company of two cute Shugotten (spirits) who have taken it upon themselves to protect him. In addition to living with the two spirits, Ruuan (the wood spirit) has somehow become his homeroom teacher at middle school and Shaorin (a spirit of the moon) is now a fellow student in his class. If only to complicate the situation, most of Tasuke`s classmates have set their romantic interests on either him or his spirit companions. And then his father sends him a special gift from China, which includes a magic fan harbouring yet another spirit. But Tasuke has always had special feelings for Shaorin and slowly their friendship grows amidst the strange magic and chaos of their lives…

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